Space 4

Adelante Studio is trusted by numerous professional dancers and fitness instructors as a perfect space for conducting classes, rehearsals, trainings, auditions and castings. All of our studios come with true wood floors, music systems, air conditioning, high ceilings and comfortable changing areas. Also suitable for yoga, pilates, meditation and other aerobic activities.

New: $20/hour walk-in "Floor Fee" for dance privates Mon-Sat 12-6 pm. Space may be shared and not necessarily a private room. The $20/hour walk-in rate is for either one person practicing (or a couple in case of a social dance), or one person teaching a couple social dance. This is not for 2 or 3 people practicing solo dances. Check @adelantestudios on Twitter for news and updates.


Studio 1

18 by 40 feet private studio.


Studio 4

18 by 40 feet private studio.


Rehearsal Space

15 by 35 feet space.
2 people max.


Each studio has wooden floor, music system, mirrows, AC and windows.