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Welcome to Adelante Studios, Manhattan's hourly rental space with fantastic energy! 

For your profile description

1. Tap on the text area and enter your profile info. You can copy and paste your profile description from MM or OMP if you want. The description field accepts up to 2,000 characters.
If your profile is longer, no problem. Just enter the first 2,000 characters in the message and add the rest as “replies” to your own profile message.

2.  At the end of your description, and this is important, sign it with a # tag followed by a name that’ll be your handle on Vibe. It can be your MM or OMP name if you want. For example, if you are using BettyBoop as your MM profile name, sign your message with #BettyBoop. You can also use your MM number, such as #mm1234567.
You can create more than one profile (as many as you want) each with its own name and you can use more than one # signature in the same profile.

3. To make it easier for people to find you profile message, also include any of these hash tags that apply to you: #photographer, #model, #makeupartist, #stylist #wardrobestylist

4. To add a picture, tap on the camera icon and add one from your photo library. To add other pictures, just post replies to your profile message.

5. When you are ready, tap on “Submit” and your profile message will be posted. If you made a mistake, start another message, then go back to the first message and expire/delete it.
The above publishes your profile message.  Search for #photographer or #model to see others on Vibe.  If you want to send them a comment, just reply to their profile message.  If someone contact you through your profile message and you want to just reply to them, tap on the DR (direct reply) button next to their message.

We can also help you set up your Vibe profile at the beginning
of your shoot.

What is Vibe and why is it useful to me as a photographer or model:

Vibe is a new social network based on location. Models and photographers can use it to connect with like minded people in their area (neighborhood or city) or any place they are traveling to. It can be used for gigs, castings, and arranging photo shoots.

Instagram is big in the fashion/modeling/photography world, right?

Twitter is big too, right?

Enter Vibe, an app that makes them even more useful!

Vibe shows you instagrams and tweets posted around you, and also at any place in the world (public ones with location).  In a place like New York you’ll find tons of posts by fashion designers, models, MUAs, photographers and it’ll be easy to connect with them by commenting on their IG or their tweet.

Get it from the App Store.  It’s free and there’s no signup or login!

You basically post a message that acts as your profile on Vibe (much like a MM or OMP profile) and you can have more than one profile. It’s super simple, just follow these instructions:

1. Download Vibe for iPhone/iPod/iPad from the App Store.  It’s free and there’s no registration.

2. Launch Vibe and allow it to use your device location (needed to post messages).  Also say yes to notifications so you get alerted if someone send you a message.

3. Tap on the “Map View” icon, and when you see a map, zoom and move it to where you want to locate your profile message. It can be anywhere in the city or on your exact work location if you want.

4. Tap on the “New Vibe” button to start a new message (which will be your profile).

5. Move the distance slider that says “Visible/Reply within” all the way to the right to make your profile message visible around the world (you can make it less if you want).

6. Move the duration slider all the way to the right so your profile message doesn’t expire.

7. Tap on the “Replies are visible” until it displays to “to just me”. This means if people post questions or booking requests to your profile message, only you’ll see it.

How to become a Vibe user: 

Here’s how the discount works:

for each Vibe iPhone app user
in your shoot, you get $5 discount on your total booking, so if 1 person is a Vibe user, you get $5 off, if 2 people are Vibe users you get $10 off, etc.

Vibe Discount