hourly rental space in new york

Welcome to Adelante Studios, Manhattan's hourly rental space with fantastic energy! 



8:30 - 10pm
7:30 - 8:30
int/adv Choreography

6:30 - 7:30
Lady Styling & Spinning

Adv Beginner

7:30 - 10pm

FOR REGISTRATION PLEASE CONTACT: santoricodance@santorico.com

Come take classes from one of New York's premier schools, serving the Salsa community for 2 decades. Classes taught by world renown Director of Santo Rico, choreographer, instructor and performer, Tomas Guerrero! Santo Rico has traveled to 45 countries spanning 6 continents and have been featured in many prestigious venues such as Madison Square Garden and HBO documentary "El Espiritu de la Salsa".

Choreography Class is finally here! 
*4 week choreography class by world renown choreographer Tomas Guerrero
*knowledge of musicality and choreography

*new steps, styling and turn patterns
*knowledge of performing showcased on our exclusive YouTube channel

*perform in different locations

Tuesdays from 7:30-8:30. 
Intermediate level students or higher.

Must take all 4 weeks to be considered to perform.

$20 per class/week.

Lady Styling & Spinning by Taneesha
Be feminine with correct alignment and technique while having personality and style! Covering body movement and isolation, arm and hand styling, dancing in heels, sexy footwork and the famous Santo Rico spin technique! This class helps you understand those little details that are non existent in most of today's classes. Any level dancer will find this class beneficial whether you're a beginner or have experience but just need a brush up on technique. It's all about bringing out your personality when you dance so let's have some fun ladies!

To know more about Taneesha click

Every Thursday from 6:30 - 7:30.
$15 per class. Savings apply if taking multiple classes.

Advanced Beginners Class
Covers shines, partner work, styling spinning and choreography

Every Thursday from 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
$20 per class. $65 for the month!

Intermediate Class
Covers shines partner work, styling, spinning and choreography

Every Friday from 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
$20 per class. $65 for the month!

   Best Salsa Classes

Santo Rico Midtown Classes

About Santo Rico

I have taken salsa classes at other schools but Santo Rico is by far the best in my opinion. It is a family environment, not a factory.  To begin with they give every student individual attention and encouragement. No one falls through the cracks,  The teachers , unprompted, observe each student and help with specific corrections,. The curriculum is challenging and exciting. You see the step and think NO WAY will I ever get that!  But they give you the tools to learn it, They break it down part by part, explain weight transfer, the count, give  constant encouragement... And suddenly I'm doing it!!! Santo Rico has it all- formal technique and flavor.

 - Brona H.-

The instructors are very precise, they break everything down in great detail. Their style of dancing is very elegant.

 - Leah S.-

Best dance program I've ever been to. Several instructors always on hand. The instruction is so precise and the atmosphere is friendly, safe and inviting. Be prepared to sweat. This is NOT ballroom dancing.

 - Maribel M. -