hourly rental space in new york

Welcome to Adelante Studios, Manhattan's hourly rental space with fantastic energy! 

Cancellation Policy

1. For cancellation more than 7 days before shoot: 100% refund
2. For cancellation 5-7 days before shoot:  100% credit towards a future shoot
3. For cancellation 3-5 days before shoot:  75%% credit towards a future shoot
4. For cancellation 48-72 hours before shoot:  50% credit towards a future shoot
5. For cancellation 24-48 hours before shoot:  25% credit towards a future shoot
6. For cancellation within 24 hours before shoot:  no refund or credit

1. Space must be reserved and booked in advance (no walk-in).
2. Payment terms: 50% pre-payment to hold reservation (There is no booking without a deposit, i.e. the time slot remains available for someone else) . This deposit must be made via PayPal (to Payments at Adelante Studios dot com) with the balance paid on the day of the shoot – before it starts and in cash only.  Please see cancellation policy below. DO NOT SEND MONEY TO PAYPAL WITHOUT US ASKING YOU FIRST TO SEND IT AFTER YOU HAVE CONFIRMED A DATE AND TIME.
3. Your booking time includes both setup and breakdown time.  Do not ask to come in a few minutes early “to set up”.  You must be done shooting, packed and out the door by the end of your reserved time.
4. If you need more time, ask before the end of the shoot and it will be allowed if there is not another shoot scheduled. Additional time is in increments of an hour and not 15 or 30 minutes.

Rental Polices & Terms