Mariana Parma offers unique combination of two the most popular social dances: Salsa and Argentine Tango. For students' convenience all classes are scheduled on Mondays, so regardless of your level you can mix and match to take at least 2 classes.

Take Argentine Tango at 6:30pm and Level 1 Salsa (Beginner & Pre-Intermediate) at 7:30pm or take Level 1 Salsa (Beginner & Pre-Intermediate) at 7:30pm and Level 2 Salsa (Intermediate &Advanced) at 8:30pm or... - take all three!

Class Description:

Argentine Tango ***Beginner/ Pre. Intermediate*** Mondays, 6:30- 7:30 PM
This class reviews the essential elements to dance Tango: the embrace, walk, and musicality. Classes are for Beginners/ Pre. Intermediate dancers, and more advanced dancers who want to brush up on the Tango technique.  The class is progressive, and focuses on Tango technique, Lead, and Follow.

Salsa on 2 *** Level 1 *** Beginner ***Mondays, 7:30- 8:30 PM

No experience necessary. 
This class introduces the basic footwork pattern, partnering skills to lead and follow, and focuses on the musicality of dancing on the second beat (offbeat/ break on “2”) in the music.  This class emphasizes on the repetition of the basic steps, while leading and following on the on 2 timing.

Salsa on 2 ***Level 2 ***Intermediate*** Mondays, 8:30- 9:30 PM

Must have strong command of (Level I) material.  
With the basic footwork pattern of R-L-R L-R-L, Night Club style Salsa emphasizes 

the second beat (offbeat/ break on “2”) in the music.
This class focuses on turn patterns and improvisational footwork (“shines”). The class 

meets once a week for 4 weeks. 

The course is progressive, building on a particular sequence week to week.Because of the extensive body of Intermediate material.

It is recommended that students repeat this course for 3 to 6 months or until the material becomes routine.

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Salsa & Argentine Tango with Mariana Parma

Mariana Parma is widely known and admired for her masterful expertise in Argentine- Tango and Salsa. Mariana’s approach in teaching and performing is to transmit the essence of each dance style through the musicality and movement. 

This approach makes her a sought out performer, teacher, and choreographer. She taught for more than 10 years at Dance Manhattan, Salsa on 2,

and Argentine Tango. She has taught Salsa at Pier 54 and Argentine Tango at Bryant Park for more than 300 people.  Mariana has an ability to instruct

the students in a positive and supportive method, that encourages the student to learn basic and advanced sequences, while having fun.

As a performer Mariana has been featured in film, including Random Hearts starring Harrison Ford, and on national TV. Based in NYC, she was a producer and performer in the off-Broadway hit Swango, the Musical, performed in Swing The Musical, Evita, Tango Fever, Romulo Larrea’s Ensemble, and numerous Tango productions. 

She has coached Chita Rivera in tango, for her role in Venecia, directed by the late award winning American Playwright, Author Laurents and legendary Broadway performer Tommy Tune.

Internationally, she choreographed a major Parle commercial in Mumbai, India, starring Bollywood star Roshan Hrithik. She is the 2013 HOLA award recipient for choreography in the play, Tango Fever, and the 2008, USA Tango Champion, in Tango Salon. And is the choreographer and performer, for the all women’s Tango show, Glamour Tango.   

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​One Course:  
1 hr/wk    for 4 wks $85

Two Courses:        
2 hrs/wk  for 4 wks$150

FOR REGISTRATION PLEASE CONTACT Mariana Parma: parmacom at gmail dot com