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    •    7:00 - 8:30pm Beginner Cuban Salsa & Rueda de Casino (Level 1)
This class is for absolute beginners with little-to-no dance experience and will allow you to develop a strong foundation in Cuban Salsa in an extremely fun, stress-free atmosphere. In each 90-minute class of the four week series, students focus on developing dance fundamentals including rhythm, coordination, balance, and the specific technical aspects of Cuban Salsa, including basic steps and turn patterns, partnering technique, and the fundamental motions of Casino and Rueda de Casino. Students will also learn social dancing etiquette, floorcraft, and partner safety in an extremely warm, relaxed, social and fun environment. Let your friends with two left feet know!

    •    8:30 - 10:00pm Intermediate Cuban Salsa & Rueda de Casino (Level 2)
This progressive, 90-min class is geared for those that have danced Cuban Salsa and/or Rueda before and allows you to further solidify, fine-tune, and expand upon the basics covered in Level 1. Here is your opportunity to refresh all of the beginning motions at a pace that is comfortable for you while further building a solid foundation in this exciting, interactive, and fun dance. This high-energy class focuses on combinations, leading and following technique, group moves, styling, body motion, and fun salsa suelta footwork.

midtown Manhattan since 2005. Check us out at: www.facebook.com/fuakata

Christopher Rogicki was born in NJ, and during college, he was first exposed to Cuban-style Salsa, Son, Rueda de Casino, and Timba. He has studied with prominent Casino schools and teachers throughout the US and abroad, from Havana and Santiago de Cuba to Miami, Washington D.C., California, México, Spain, Germany, and Switzerland. Chris is the former director of MEZCLA, the Latino Performing Arts group at Brown University, where he taught and performed at various expos and televised events throughout New England. Upon returning to NYC, Chris designed and implemented an extensively progressive Casino and Rueda curriculum and founded Fuákata - Cuban Salsa NY Dance Company.

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