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Basha Maryanska

My Art is in constant motion. 
It is a motion.
My creativity floats and expresses
Energy and Movement.
My painting is like a mirror of my Soul.
The inspirations come and go,
My Spirit dances with colors.
Where do these images come from?
I have no answer.
It comes from within,

But before the painting comes out of me
I feel like a channel.
​And I invite all of these miraculous things 
To come to me and float like a stream Through me.
I just remain open and let it happen.

My Art is all about beauty of Nature and Natural Environment. Through Nature I see the soul of the Higher Power. I transform the space, light and shadows, shapes and movements into my compositions that look like mysterious landscapes using luscious, rich layers of paint, deep glazers to create three- dimensionality and dramatic light.  It is all derived from memory, imagination, feelings and emotions, sketches, occasionally life and various travels. To me the vibration of the color and texture have a significant role in painting.  I actually use landscape motifs to paint my feelings and emotions. I portrait light and air with it’s magic transparency. Traveling throughout the country and visiting distant places in the US and the world is my passion and it gives me inspirations.

The deformations come from my subconscious mind.

- Basha Maryanska