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Welcome to Adelante Studios, Manhattan's hourly rental space with fantastic energy! 

CONTACT ULTIMATE TANGO BY EMAIL: UltimateTango@gmail.com or call: 646-856-9990

Welcome at Ultimate Tango!

Here you find all you need to become a true member of Tango community. We focus on developing in you the truth understanding of what Tango is. Tango is not just a dance. It’s philosophy, the way of comprehending the world, the way of building relationship, the way to understand yourself.

Here at Ultimate Tango we teach you the tango alphabet, we teach you how to create words, we teach you basic rules, basic steps, basic combinations. We teach you all you need to know about music, connection, lead and follow, types of tangos and more. From there you can launch onto your own journey to discover what Tango means for you.

We don’t want to limit you with multitude of steps and clatter your memory with combinations you can never remember. Our goal is to give you the true understanding of Tango structure and music, mechanics of the movement, technique and cadence. From there you can start improvising on you own. Find your own style.

We offer carefully structured courses in Tango, Vals and Milonga at 3 different levels – beginner, intermediate, advanced at 3 different locations: New York City, NY, West New York, NJ and Boston MA. We also offer workshops to address more specialized topics.

Private lessons are available for those who wish to progress at their own pace.




When we begin to learn something new in our life it is only natural that we want to progress as fast as possible. And so it’s quite normal that we skip all the important basics as we are so focused on running through all levels of learning.

When we begin we immediately want to be allowed at intermediate level classes, when we are intermediate we want to run to advance classes. 

What happens is this: we skip through the most important part of learning process. We skip the part in which Tango let us learn about ourselves, our own bodies, our own strength and weaknesses, our needs. When Tango comes to your life it happens for specific reason - to cure you and to let you find your soul. Don’t miss this most important part.